Franklin Club

Snooker & Social Club

Established in 1987

Private Club


Since its establishment in 1987, our snooker club has been a staple in the South Shields snooker community. Over the years, we have been a hub for players who share a common love and passion for the game. Our club has witnessed countless memorable moments and friendly competitions that have bonded our members together. As you join our club, you become part of this rich history and tradition, connecting with a network of players who are dedicated to upholding the spirit of snooker.

Snooker area the franklin club south shields

Ran by Our Members

For our Members

When you become a member of our private snooker club in South Shields, you’re joining a community of like-minded folks, with a shared passion for the game. Our club is run by our members and we prioritize the needs of our members above all else.

    • Exclusive access to top-notch facilities
    • Welcoming and supportive community
    • Great entertainment and quiz nights
    • Continuous improvement based on member feedback

We offer unbeatable value at our club with an annual membership fee of only £12. With this, you gain access to a top-class snooker facility accompanied by great refreshments.

Only £1 A Month

If you’re looking for an entertaining and inviting snooker club in South Shields, then our establishment is perfect.

You’ll have access to our professional snooker tables for an incredibly affordable price of just £1 per month. While we are a members-only club, you have the option to sign in guests.

Enjoy a refreshing drink from our fully stocked bar while you play and join in our variety of entertainment events such as quiz nights and live music.

Joining is easy – simply complete our membership form and you’ll receive a confirmation number. Just show this at the door we’ll sort the rest out.